Отзыв победительницы Олимпиады по английскому языку «Инсайт-Лингва»/Kings Colleges-2013 из г. Актобе

13 февраля 2014

Отзыв победительницы Олимпиады по английскому языку «Инсайт-Лингва»/Kings Colleges-2013 из г. Актобе

Компания «Инсайт-Лингва» совместно со своим партнером - учебным центром по подготовке к поступлению в университеты Kings Colleges (Великобритания) ежегодно проводит Олимпиаду по английскому языку среди учащихся России и Казахстана. Победительница прошлого 2013 г. из г. Актобе - Лилия Маринова (школа-гимназия № 9) была награждена 3-недельной поездкой с обучением в Kings Colleges London. Вот, что она пишет о своих впечатлениях:

This is Liliya Marinova from Kazakhstan, who enjoyed her free three-week stay at Kings London in November 2013.
"My name is Liliya Marinova, I come from Kazakhstan.
My dad is Bulgarian and my mum is Kazakh so I spent some period of my life in Bulgaria.
At school I have a lot of lessons of English and I wasn’t so good at English so I decided to have some extra lessons so I went to a language centre, called Prospection. There my teacher told me about the Olympiad, that Kings Colleges from London organised. So she asked me to take part. I agreed and for the first part we wrote a test and an essay and there were 350 people. In the second stage we also wrote a test and essay and there were 100. And for the third stage we had to chose a theme and write a project and a presentation on it. I chose "Vegetarianism: passing fad or beneficial, healthy way of life?”
I loved taking part in the Olympiad. During the first and second round I was sure I would not get any presents and that I wouldn’t get to the third part. And the third part was amazing because I got really very useful information about vegetarianism and it was for me not about the prize, it was just to have fun and when I knew I got first place, I just couldn’t realise it, I was calm and then when I was going home I realised: “Oh my god, I am going to London!!” I couldn’t believe it!
It was hard to write the essay but maybe the hardest bit was when I was asked to present my project because I am a little bit shy and I can’t express myself in front of an audience. Yes, that was the hardest part.
I am really enjoying life in London, it is amazing. It is a pity this week I am going home. I want to stay more here. Here life is amazing. It has been a really good experience. I think I became more responsible.
My best memory of my stay in London will be from my first week, when we went to the centre of London for some sightseeing. We were walking along a street and we came to a corner and I turned that corner and I saw Big Ben and the House of Parliament. You can’t imagine how my heart was beating, it was amazing!
My advice is to take part in the Olympiad! Work hard and don’t be discouraged. Before winning, I took part in many Olympiads and lost. I didn't give up and I succeeded!"

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