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Финальный тур Олимпиады «Go Global»

17 января 2020

В III тур Олимпиады по английскому языку Go Global, организованной по инициативе и при поддержке международного учебного центра King's Education (Великобритания) и его представителя в России – Агентства Международного образования «Инсайт-Лингва» прошли в этом году 15 участников:

  1. Агапитова Анжелика, школа Промо-М
  2. Глебов Александр, школа Москвич
  3. Дементьева Софья, Новая Гуманитарная Школа
  4. Дмитриева Дарья, школа № 1208
  5. Кольгина Екатерина, школа № 548
  6. Кузнецова Анастасия, школа № 1208
  7. Ламтева Александра, школа № 1208
  8. Майорова Алина, школа № 1208
  9. Очир-ГоряеваБулгун, школа № 1288
  10. Родионова Полина, Новая Гуманитарная Школа
  11. Соланилья Кирильчук София, школа Алгоритм
  12. Соловьева Яна, школа № 2054
  13. Струева Полина, Успенская СОШ
  14. Титкова Арина, школа № 2054
  15. Торбеев Степан, школа № 1413

Уважаемые финалисты, пожалуйста, выберите одну из предложенных для презентации тем и до 9 января 2020 г. отправьте письмо с указанием выбранной вами темы по e-mail: (для Алины Кривоносовой). Внимание! Финалисты из одной школы не могут выбирать одинаковые темы для презентаций.


You should choose one of the following ten topics and prepare a 7–10-minute presentation. You should research and prepare thoroughly, putting forward a well-considered discursive argument; the presentation should not be merely descriptive. Notes can be used, but not reading from a script.

Presentation topics

  1. With changing technology and lifestyle habits some people say the traditional classroom and teaching environment is no longer of value. Is there a better way of helping our students learn in today’s world?
  2. Do you think there is still a place for fossil fuels to be used or sold by developing countries to help their economic growth?
  3. With recent large-scale protests in major cities around the world such as Hong Kong, should governments be allowed to monitor private emails and conversations in messaging services to help keep stability?
  4. Should huge online companies such as Amazon and Apple, be allowed to pay lower taxes than normal companies in the countries, where they are based, due to the large number of people they employ?
  5. With workplace stress and mental health issues seeing an increase, would a 4-day working week be a practical solution?
  6. Within the world of football, reports of racism are on the rise. What steps should be taken and by who to eradicate this?
  7. With the growing influence of social media stars on YouTube, Instagram and other platforms, should there be more government regulation on the advertising they are able to do and the way they advertise?
  8. With more than 150 acres of the Amazon rainforest being lost every minute, do you think world governments should put more pressure on Brazil’s government or do you think the Amazon is solely Brazil’s responsibility?
  9. Major tourist destinations no longer offer authentic experiences and items such as food, souvenirs, hotels and other services are adapted too much for tourists coming from specific countries with lots of spending power? What are the positives and negatives for the location and the tourist?
  10. Sports like Boxing, MMA, Rugby and American Football are extremely physical. Should parents prevent their children playing these sports or do the positives outweigh the negatives?

You may present balanced arguments for or against the topic statements. Marks will be awarded for organisation, a range of vocabulary and grammar, effective body language, in depth research and a thorough knowledge of the chosen topic. You may use PowerPoint, Prezi or notes, but are limited to 8 slides. You will lose marks for using more slides or simply reading from a script.

Напоминаем, победитель олимпиады получит главный приз - 2-недельную программу с обучением в Англии.

Финал Олимпиады Go Global состоится 17 января 2020 года.

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